Posts in one day 😀 yesss …… making up for the lost time when i didn’t post anything …. SO the story begins in a far away land a girl was always very fond of food , though the girl knew the techniques to make many recipes but due to some problems she always choose to stay quiet and just enjoy her life as its was and one day she thought do hell with this and she brought all the ingredients which was required for making this specific recipe. Yes its non other than a PIZZA DOUGH. Surprised , hmm thought so… i have always had a thing for pizza. The smell of that fresh pizza out of the oven in that packed box in dominos or pizza hut always used to make me go weak. I always prefer the onion and capsicum pizza , and  chicken of course and lots and lots of cheese :D,  who doesn’t like cheese right ???  I always wanted to make a homemade pizza with the homemade dough. I knew that pizza base was always available in the market but until some time ago i didn’t knew where yeast was available in my hometown, so after much enquiry , searching i finally found active yeast and planned to make this dough. Was planning to make a pizza but ended up making a cheese stuffed bread :D. I would say that it was the best decision ever. The bread consisted of all the things like onions , capsicum, garlic , bhoot jolokia, pizza sauce, herbs but the only thing missing was chicken because i wanted  to try a vegetarian version at first. After much thinking i made this bread and it was heaven at home. The whole house was filled with the aroma from the baking. People trust me it  doesn’t need much effort (learn from a lazy person like me :D) except for the part you have to wait and wait since the dough needs to rest for about 2 and half hours or so so that it can rise well . After that its showtime… AND THE STORY WILL CONTINUE …….. 😀

Hoping you would enjoy this dish while making and eating… BON APPETITE 🙂 🙂   


All purpose flour-500gms
Sugar- 1teaspoon
Salt -1 teaspoon
Refined oil
Dry yeast -10gms
Luke warm water -Half cup
Pizza cheese Sliced(as per our taste ) and 3/4 long strips for garnishing
Capsicum Sliced
Readymade pasta sauce
1 Sliced onion
3/4 Garlic pods crushed
Butter melted
Chillies flakes
Pepper powder
Bhoot jokia Sliced – half spoon
Basil leaves (I used our normal Tulsi leaves 😞😞😞)

Make your yeast active by adding sugar and the yeast in the luke warm water and keep it aside for 10 mins or so or till bubbles form.
Now in a bowl add flour , salt and 5/ 6 tablespoon of oil and mix well before adding the yeast mixture. Now add the mixture and knead for about 5/8 mins and form a soft dough (add water in required intervals ) . Now pour a bit of oil in the dough and cover it with a wet cloth n keep it in a warm place (since it’s winter preheat ur microwave for 5/6 mins or so and keep the dough to rest for 1 hour). After an hour take out the dough the punch it (the fun part) and release the air and knead again and let it rest again for half and hour. After half and hour take out the dough and roll it like a chapati but make it thick . Now in the middle part spread pasta sauce , capsicum , onions , all the herbs , sprinkle salt ,chilli flakes , pepper, bhoot jokia slices, crushed garlic, n finely sliced cheese . Now take the side parts and form a round /elongated bread like shape and put it in the loaf pan. Dnt wory it will automatically take its size. Cover it for another half and hour before finally putting it in the microwave. Preheat your microwave convection mode at 200 c for 5 mins or so. Garnish strips of cheese above diagonally n layer one basil leaves on middle. Melt butter and add salt , pepper and oregano and brush the top and sides of the bread before baking. Now bake the bread for about 15 mins in 200c and then to 180c for another 15/20 mins or till it’s done. Brush with the remaining Butter mixture at intervals so that it does not become dry and the top part gets its light brown colour.
SERVE HOT WITH A CUP OF TEA OR COFFEE… Hoping you would like it.. Enjoy … 😊😊



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