So the story goes that after making this I became sick… 😟😟😟 Yesterday when I went to work I was thinking of making pasta and chicken as dinner… well pasta is one my weaknesses mainly Spaghetti pasta… so thought of doing that … after I came home cooked this wonderful meal .. a simple garlic Spaghetti with onions, peas and capsicum and  chicken tossed in red wine vinegar and herbs.. an absolute bliss .. had this with gur wali chai which I recently learned from a group where the admin made it and posted it. Bt later on that gur wali chai… now after making this I was feeling a bit cold and moments later the disaster came with my soar throat paining like hell. I m a patient of sinus problems. so in winters it’s like I have to stay warm or else I might die of cold and soar throat… actually am thinking of hibernating for next 1 /2 months till this winter goes… 😤😤😤😤 I hate winters for my health but I love it because of food as it brings enormous vegetables in the market… it makes my mind go lalalala.. I can make this, I can make that but as usual once I get cold I become bed ridden…  🤕🤕🤒🤒 

but let me tell you this recipe is worth making even if your ill coz it’s easy , simple, no fuss  and tasty…. 

Hoping you would enjoy this dish while making and eating… BON APPETITE 🙂 🙂 

Ingredients : 

Spaghetti pasta – half of the packet 

1 large onion sliced 

One capsicum- medium size sliced

Garlic pods – 5/6 large ones chopped 

Peas – Half cup



Chicken – 5/6 medium pieces chicken boneless ones and chopped them further into small pieces 

Mixed herbs -1 and half teaspoon ( oregano , thyme, basil, Rosemary)

Chilli flakes-1 teaspoon

One fresh red chilli – sliced(scoop out the seeds )

Red wine vinegar-2/3 teaspoon

Kashmiri Lal mirch -1 teaspoon 

Soya sauce – 1 teaspoon

Pepper -1 teaspoon

Oil/butter/olive oil


1. Boil the pasta as per the instructions written on the packet . Wash the pasta with cold running water . Let the water drain completely then add 1/2 teaspoon of oil and half spoon salt and pepper in it. Mix together and keep it aside. 

2.Now in a pan heat oil and put the chicken pieces the fry for about 5 mins . Add salt , pepper powder 1/2 teaspoon, red wine vinegar 2/3 teaspoon, soya sauce , Kashmiri mirch and cook till the chicken pieces are tender . Then add half teaspoon of mixed herbs in it and cover and switch off the flame.  

3. In another pan, add oil /butter or olive oil as per your choice or you can cook in the same pan where the chicken was cooked ( it’s better to use this pan as the spices and juices from the chicken makes the Spaghetti more flavourful) , then add the sliced onions,capsicum,garlic,peas  and the fresh red chilli. Fry till they are medium cooked , then add the Spaghetti and check for salt . Add if you want more. Add the chilli flakes and the mixed herbs . Toss everything well and cook for another 3/5 mins in a low flame. 

4. Serve it with the chicken and enjoy a beautiful meal . 


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