Pizza dough …. 

There is nothing to share here except I am sharing my pizza dough recipe.  This recipe is good as well as time consuming since pizza dough needs to rise well before you can make anything with it . Homemade pizza dough is best you can make varieties of things with it like pizz(as usual) , bread , stuffed bread, stuffed rolls , buns , calzones , garlic bread and so on. I have made pizza , bread, stuffed bread and stuffed rolls. I have already posted my recipe for cheese stuffed bread and I will be posting a recipe for veg pizza . But first of all we need to know the recipe for the dough which is very important and it takes a lot of time . We dnt need to have much manual work but waiting time can be boring for most people. 

For this dough you need active yeast . These yeast are activated once they are mixed with luke warm water and sugar. Yeast always need a place which is warmer for them so that they can do their thing. They are living organisms so treat them well and you will get a very nice dough for your pizza . Let’s not waste much time and I shall give you the recipe u needed to make the dough. 

Happy baking…. 😎😎 BON APPETIT… 🤗🤗

All purpose flour-500gms
Sugar- 1teaspoon
Salt -1 teaspoon
Refined oil
Dry yeast -10gms 
Luke warm water -Half cup

Method :

1. Make your yeast active by adding sugar and the yeast in the luke warm water and keep it aside for 10 mins or so or till bubbles form. 

2. Now in a bowl add flour , salt and 5/ 6 tablespoon of oil and mix well before adding the yeast mixture.

 3.Add the mixture and knead for about 7/8 mins and form a soft dough (add water in required intervals ) . Now pour a bit of oil in the dough and cover it with a wet cloth n keep it in a warm place ( in winter preheat your microwave for 5/6 mins or so and keep the dough to rest for 1 hour). After an hour take out the dough the punch it (the fun part) and release the air and knead again and let it rest again for half and hour to 45 mins . After this when u take it out and decide to make whatever you want shape them and let it rest for another half and hour . More resting makes the dough more better. 

Since I have given my recipe for the pizza dough now you can make anything you want.  

Thanku you and hoping for a positive response. 


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